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// submitting artwork

? what should i take notice when submitting artwork to these open calls.

when submitting artwork to the address listed as SUBMISSION ADDRESS in each open call, all artists are kindly requested to provide, by email or snail mail, the following information

artist > profile picture | name | brief bio | email address | website | address

artwork > title | media details | brief text

while addressing the artwork it is also important to identify it with the #open_call_name since the receiver may be hosting several open calls at the same time

// hosting an open call

? i'm hosting an open call and i want it listed.

if you are hosting an open call, do send its info as detailed as possible to

all information will be provided to the visitant in the original language without translation and so, an english version is appreciated but feel free to send it on your native language as well

? what details do you need to promote my open call.


submission due date [YYYY-MM-DD]

exhibition open date [YYYY-MM-DD]

exhibition end date [YYYY-MM-DD]

exhibition address

submission address


full description

extra details


info email

info website

starter file



kid friendly [true/false]

selection jury [true/false][names]

artwork will be sold [true/false][which cause]

returns [true/false]

maximum submissions [true/false][amount]

minimum submissions [true/false][amount]

required submissions [true/false][amount]

maximum dimensions mm [true/false][size X size mm]

minimum dimensions mm [true/false][size X size mm]

required dimensions mm [true/false][size X size mm]

? how can i increase the number of submissions to my open call.

increase chances and number of submissions by hosting an exhibition of the received work, creating a webpage and online gallery for the open call, sending documentation to all the participants such as a digital catalog or better yet mailart and/or ephemera by traditional snail mail

// archive & repository

? how can i add content to the repository.

if you consider yourself a mailartist please send your details (website | artist bio | scanned artwork) to

you can also update this archive by sending your catalogues, essays, videos and others

and if you are hosting an exhibition, do send its info as detailed as possible

? why there's something weird with my website link or why can't i find it listed anymore.

the link including mechanism is somewhat machine controlled... so it takes a while sometimes to correctly update it

there's also a routine that tries to connect to these websites from times to times and if it finds a broken link it automaticaly removes it... so check if your website is online and drop me a word if you believe the error is not yours

the text you might find near the link was taken from your website by this bot so there's no manual way for me to change it and you should consider altering it on you own website since it affects all bots, robots and spiders, google included

? my details are incorrect.

drop me an email with the needed correction

? can you take down my personal details from your website.

drop me a line by email if ya please

// features & contributions

? how can i contribute to this archive.

update this archive by sending your personal details (website | artist bio | artwork scans) to or by correcting information you may find here

? i have a few ideas to be implemented on your website, can i share them with you.

please do so, by email

? when browsing the open calls i would like to see the open call's poster or promo image. can ya post it.

nop, there's no intent so far on having imagery next to the open calls

? do you intent to create an app so that i can take these open calls with me, on my phone.

it has been on my mind and some paypal contributions would be helpfull to make it happen >

? how can i help you out, by translating the content to my native language.

althought all the coding is prepared to have such implementation, ... at the present moment i'm not thinking on having it in other languages but do try to convince me

// random subjects

? my question is not listed here.

drop me a word by email

? i really need to share your website but there's some content that ain't kid friendly. is it possible to block it.